Energy Management Systems

Almost a quarter of the electricity used in homes and businesses is wasted. This wasted electricity costs you money and shortens the life of induction equipment such as motors, AC equipment, major appliances, etc.

United Energy Consulting, LLC is in a unique position to being able to present to customers a system that can reduce the amount of wasted electricity and reduce from 8% to 25% of your electrical costs.

These systems are tailored to your company’s electrical inductive load and usage.

Capacitor Units

Our patented Capacitor Units are power factor optimization devices that will significantly reduce the demand and energy at the meter and reduce lost and wasted power. All US manufactured that will save up to 25% of your electric cost, while reducing power surges, overall Kilowatt consumption with a rapid return on investment.

FACT: Up to 25% of your billable electricity consumed in homes and businesses in non productive and unusable. Non productive energy simply wastes money.

Our Energy Management Systems are designed for your business for optimum savings. Businesses can now reduce the cost of determining the capacitance required to maximize each inductive load.

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