About Us

United Energy Consulting, LLC founded in 2007 as an energy broker for electricity.

Since, we have evolved into a viable Utility Solutions Consulting company by partnering with the most qualified Channels to facilitate a menu of Utility Services & Products for your Business.

United Energy Consulting, LLC presents simple, innovative, no risk cost savings plans to our clients.

What has set us apart, is our added value professional energy savings services and products. Our menu of cost cutting solutions and products provides our clients with additional options for savings.

Whether Electricity, Natural Gas, Utility Analysis, LED Lighting or Energy Savings Management Units, ALL PRODUCTS & SERVICES are NO RISK, and we will provide any client with guaranteed savings.

Utility Analysis – if we do not recover money for your business there will be no cost to you.

LED Lighting – a guaranteed Return on Investment is provided before any commitment.

Energy Management Systems (Capacitor Units) – a guaranteed Return on Investment is provided. If our products do not meet the savings provided we will de install at no cost to your business.

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