United Energy Consulting, LLC gives you the power to choose from whom you purchase your electricity. Your electricity is still distributed through the same state regulated transmission company.


We can provide any Commercial Customer in a deregulated area with a “NO RISK” quote for your electricity, in addition to energy programs customized to your business usage and demand, to maximize overall savings.

FIXED RATE PLANS available for your Business at the term of your choice.

INDEX & VARIABLE PLANS are a viable solution for the larger users of electricity that prefer the flexibility and control of the market rates.

FACT: ENERGY DEREGULATION creates competition for each state and allows various Energy Suppliers to offer competitive pricing. This provides the business and homeowner a CHOICE.

The laws of deregulation for electricity is governed by each state’s public utility commission. You MUST remain with your local transmission & distribution service providers for delivery, transmission, and emergency services.

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